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Read full profile. We all feel uninspired at times. Change Your Environment Get out of the house and go somewhere new. A new environment can spark inspiration by giving you a new way of looking at things. Get outside the boundaries of your own knowledge to learn something new. Learn ten words in a foreign language, research the music of 17th century Europe or pick up a star chart and learn about our universe. Think about what you want for your life and start envisioning it. Collect pictures and words that depict this life and bring them together in a vision board.

Take some time out in nature and appreciate its amazing beauty. Go for a hike through the bush, climb a mountain or simply have a picnic by the pond in your local park. Bookstores are full of creative inspiration. Spend some time browsing the shelves and get inspired by the beautiful images and interesting ideas. Push yourself outside the bounds of your creative specialty and try something new.

Keep a notebook with you to jot down ideas whenever they strike. These ideas might not seem ground breaking at the time but they might serve as inspiration at a later date. Learn about how your creative craft originated, who the pioneers and greats were and how it has progressed over time.

Learn about what other people in your creative field are doing. A quick Google search can be a great source of inspiration when you are low on ideas. Seek out music that is different to what you usually listen to and try it out. What about jazz, classical or rap? Take some time to sit, be still and breathe. Our busy lives can sometimes leave us so frantic that it can be difficult to get inspired.

Go follow yours on Twitter and get inspired every day by their musings. Give yourself a day to just be and do whatever comes to you. You might be surprised at the inspiration that strikes when you least expect it. Visit your favorite bloggers and read an inspiring post. Pick out a great film and absorb it fully. Reading about the life of someone you admire can be greatly inspiring. Hearing about their struggles and triumphs can inspire you in your own work. The words of others can be powerful and inspirational. Google creativity quotes and pick out ten that you find inspiring.

Keep them in your journal and read them whenever you need a boost. Journaling can be a powerful release and spark creative inspiration both now and in the future. Your journal is your special space to be open and free with your words, letting what is within shine through. Seeking the wisdom of others can be incredibly inspiring.

Ask someone you admire what the greatest lessons they have learned so far, you might just find a nugget of gold in there. There are so many inspiring TED talks just waiting to be watched. From science to art, history to technology, whatever your creative thing is, there is a TED talk to inspire you.

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The classics are rightly named for a reason. Sit with your materials, experiment and create whatever comes to mind without the pressure of deadlines or achieving a particular outcome. The process of experimentation is liberating and can spark some amazing ideas. Ask your creative friends what they have been up to and get inspired by their enthusiasm and ideas. Sometimes to get inspired, you just need to start! Inspiration comes from doing, so get your materials out and start creating!

Featured photo credit: Marcelo Matarazzo via unsplash. Paolina is an award-winning author, and a communications expert with journalistic roots. In the past year or two, that need most likely has grown. So, too, is incentive motivation, a way to get back our spark, our drive, and our pursuit of the things we say we want most. Incentive motivation is an area of study in psychology focused on human motivation.

What is it that gets us to go from couch potato to running a marathon? What spurs us to get the Covid vaccine—or to forgo it? What is it that influences us to think or act in a certain way? Incentive motivation is concerned with the way goals influence behavior. The incentive of that outing was something we wanted enough to have it influence our behavior. Growing up, incentive motivation continues to play a major role in what we choose to do. For example, while we may not have relished the idea of spending years studying, getting good grades, pursuing advanced degrees, and graduating with sizeable debt from student loans, a great many of us decided to do just that.

Because the end goal of a career, a coveted title, and the associated incentives of financial reward and joy in doing something we love were powerful motivators. One researcher who believes in the power of incentive motivation is weight management expert, co-author of the book State of Slim, and co-founder of the transformational weight loss program of the same name, Dr.

Holly Wyatt. Her work with her clients has proven time and again that when motivation fizzles, incentives can reignite those motivational fires. Setting up rituals and routines to put your efforts on auto-pilot is one way. And along the way, the use of both external and internal motivators helps keep people on track. External motivation sources are those things outside of ourselves that help to motivate us. But they may not last very long. Internal motivators are more tied into the reasons WHY we want to reach our goals. I think the internal motivators are more powerful, especially for the long-term, but they may take longer to build.

In the way of incentive motivation, specific to the external motivators, Dr. Wyatt challenges her clients to commit to changing just one behavior that will help them reach their weight loss goals. Those incentives might be something like enjoying a spa day if they do the thing they said they would do or sweating it out while running up and down the stairwell of their apartment building a certain of times as punishment for not following through. Whatever they choose, the goal must be something they really want, and the incentive must be something that matters to them enough to influence their behaviors in reaching those goals.

Some people are more motivated by some sort of meaningful reward a carrot whereas, other people are more motivated by some sort of negative consequence or the taking away of a privilege the stick. Another example of incentive motivation is playing out currently with companies and government entities offering perks to people who get the Covid vaccine. Nationwide, offers are being made in the way of lottery tickets, cash prizes, concert seats, free admission to events and discounts for food, and even free drink at local restaurants and bars.

The list of incentives being offered to the public to increase vaccination rates is pretty extensive and quite creative. But is this particular incentive motivation working? Remember that a key to incentive motivation working is if the individual puts importance on the reward being received on the ultimate goal.

So, not all incentives will motivate people in the same way. According to Stephen L. Incentive motivation is just one type of motivating force that relies on external factors. While rewards are powerful tools in influencing behaviors, a few other options may be more aligned with who you are and what gets you moving toward your goals.

In many ways, being motivated by fear is the very opposite of being motivated by incentives. The fear of being poor has kept many people in jobs they hate. Human beings are social creatures. The desire to belong is a powerful motivator. Social rejection can make or break us. There are many more—both external and interna l. Remember that these external motivators, such as incentive motivations, are only as powerful as the importance placed on the reward by the individual.

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For example, losing a certain amount of weight because you want to fit into some outfit you intend to wear at some public event may get you to where you want to be. But will it hold up after your party? Or will those pounds find their way back to you? Or will you need more and more to stay motivated?

So, how might incentive motivation influence you and your behavior toward goals? Knowing your answer might keep you energized no matter what your journey and help to further your successes.

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Featured photo credit: Atharva Tulsi via unsplash. Share Pin it Tweet Share. Learn Something New Get outside the boundaries of your own knowledge to learn something new. Create a Vision Board Think about what you want for your life and start envisioning it. Get Back to Nature Take some time out in nature and appreciate its amazing beauty. More by this author Michaela Cristallo. Read Next. Overwhelmed at Work? Does Taking Turmeric for Inflammation Work? Paolina Milana Paolina is an award-winning author, and a communications expert with journalistic roots.

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25 seeking something special

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