A letter for every woman

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These are some women who work behind the scenes at The Photo Studio. Photographers, stylists, bookers and assistants. From all walks of life, nationalities and ages; different paths, successes and failures. We feel that we have a duty to reinforce positive associations with our work, especially towards what it means to be a woman.

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Being a woman should mean celebrating the magnificence of being human. Being however and whoever you choose or need to be beyond what society, magazines, social media or biology dictates. So today, we wanted to our voices and write a letter for women by women. You are strong, bold and unapologetic. Smart, worthy and beautiful in your own way. Your voice is not one to be silenced and your power is a force to be reckoned with. Never ever! Embrace every single part of you, even those parts you struggle to love.

Weigh yourself by your actions, not by a on a scale; measure your achievements, not the size of your waist. As a photography studio, we know the importance of inspiring diversity in this industry — whether that is in front or behind the camera. We want all women to see other women that look the way they do.

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We want you to feel that you belong, your beauty should be acknowledged and appreciated. Pale skin, dark skin; latino, asian, mixed raced; tall, short, skinny, curvy; lesbian, transgender, straight — we see you! Every sister has had a different path, faced different obstacles and taken different opportunities. Kindness and empathy lead to non-toxic power.

Love your work.

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Clients may use the photos for their own private or domestic purposes such as posting on Facebook, sending to family and friends, incorporating into their CV, Model or Talent Agency profile, or for use in a job applicationnotwithstanding that The Photo Studio Pty Ltd retains copyright in the work. Ensure you bring your diary to avoid incurring cancellation and rescheduling fees. The viewing session will last up to 2 hours. This viewing session is your only opportunity to purchase your photographs.

A Letter To All Women. By: Women who work at The Photo Studio. Behind-the-scenes of our photo shoot. Love your work Reply. Amazing transformations, very beautiful, creative and professional photos…. Subscribe for updates. Please choose Modelling Personal Business. Terms and Conditions.

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Dear Women of #GenerationEquality