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Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader sent the following message to faculty and staff on Feb. Across the university, faculty, staff and administrators have engaged in a lot of planning since that meeting, so here is an update on where things stand with our budget today. At the state level, the situation remains very fluid. During our Feb. Given this fluid situation, trying to forecast our budget needs for the coming fiscal year is very challenging. Nevertheless, over the past several months, we have been working together to develop budget realignment scenarios to prepare for these potential reductions.

The leader of each division on campus submitted budget scenarios to Vice Chancellor Walt Branson by the end of January. Protecting our academic core Throughout this planning process, we are guided by an overarching philosophy: we must preserve the academic core of our university to the fullest extent possible, preserve our revenue streams, and move forward strategically.

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We are reviewing our organizational structure at all levels — from the top down — to determine ways to streamline our operations and processes. Our goal is to become a more efficient and effective organization. We are considering some administrative restructuring that ensures our revenue-generating operations are not harmed as a result of budget reductions. Schrader sent the following message to faculty, staff and students following the fire on the roof of Emerson Hall on Dec. The days following the fire on the roof of Emerson Hall have been trying for our entire campus community — but all of us have pulled together in a spirit of cooperation to minimize the damage, ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff, and keep campus operations running smoothly despite the need to evacuate Emerson Hall and shut off power to several buildings.

I thank you all for rising to the challenges this situation presented. During the earliest moments of the fire, physical facilities staff assisted first responders by providing quick and ready access to the building. Department Chair Daryl Beetner and his faculty and staff reacted quickly to assist in the evacuation of Emerson Hall. In true Miner spirit, the Miner Alumni Association opened Hasselmann Alumni House to our students as one of several new locations for final exams.

University Police and numerous first responder agencies brought the situation under control quickly, our marketing and communications staff got the word out to our campus community and the news media in timely fashion, and our IT staff is making computers and other technology available to faculty and staff displaced by the fire. Our students, too, rose to the occasion. Local businesses and churches offered to provide rooms for classes and exams.

Many teachers herald exceptional female scientists, hoping to show students that the scientific canon is not strictly a boys' club. Those lessons surely come with good intentions, but they may do more harm than good, because they suggest to girls and young women that the sciences are almost exclusively for men. Jay Nixon said he is committed to working together with legislators during the upcoming legislative session to complete a strategic, fiscally responsible bond issuance that will make long-overdue investments in higher education in Missouri.

Cheryl Schrader. Schrader, Ph. On today's Intersection, we will take an in-depth look at what makes up the technology field, why women are not as interested in this occupation, the challenges they face when they are interested and how to get young girls educated in this subject matter. Listen to the program. The future of science, technology, engineering and math jobs in Missouri is an equally impressive and daunting one — a topic that panelists at the St. The most important takeaway from the seminar?

There is a huge future for STEM in the economy and a void of people to fill those roles here in Missouri. Cheryl B. Schrader, chancellor of Missouri University of Science and Technology, has been named an IEEE Fellow in recognition of her leadership and contributions in engineering education. The honor is the highest grade of membership in the organization. But the new chancellor at Missouri University of Science and Technology still vividly recalls a time when teachers in male-dominated fields could derail a young student's passion with impunity.

Even worse, it was her older brother's struggles in the thermodynamics class they shared that prompted the caustic comment. By Cheryl B. The U. Census Bureau reports that just 18 percent of those who receive a computer science degree are women. Only one-fifth of physics Ph. And while the majority of U. Schrader was written for Engineers Week In just a few days on Feb. As the economy build steam, companies large and small are seeking talented recruits for jobs in manufacturing, software engineering and other industries. Last December, Scientific American published its annual list of the biggest science stories of This originally appeared in the St.

Louis Post-Dispatch on Sept. Sometimes it feels like the comedy was written just for us. He decides to launch an outreach program and speak with middle school girls about pathways to a career in the fields of STEM science, technology, engineering and math. He reminds them that they, too, can become like Marie Curie, the famous physicist and chemist who developed the theory of radioactivity. Sheldon reminds the girls that Curie died a horrible death due to radiation exposure. No sector of our economy is poised for more growth than the STEM fields.

This dovetails with the similar high school credential we offer, as well as the hundreds of Missouri teachers we train on our campus every year through the national STEM-focused education program, Project Lead the Way. These programs are not focused on singling girls out but rather on ensuring that all students are supported and encouraged to learn.

Highlighting diverse role models is an essential part of our curriculum. Last week, my family and I drove to Atlanta to help our son get situated at his new school, Georgia Tech. Our hope for Andrew has always been that he would try his best and follow his passion. Of course, we wish the same for our daughter, Ella — that she, too, will follow her passion and know that with hard work, she can accomplish whatever she sets out to do. Ella is getting ready for the second grade and is already showing some of the same problem-solving aptitude we see in her brother.

However, if statistics are any indication, it will be a steeper climb for Ella than Andrew. It means we should work that much harder so that all children have the opportunity to follow their passion. Additionally, the U. Consider that while the majority of U. And while the gender gap in STEM has remained steady for the past 20 years, a recent national report from STEMconnector shows it is now widening at an alarming rate.

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Furthermore, new research from the University of Texas at Austin examines the well-documented disparity between the of boys and girls who take high school physics, a cornerstone course that can close doors for those who do not complete it. Why does all this matter? It matters because there is no sector of our economy poised for more growth than the STEM fields. It matters because the more diverse our workforce of engineers, computer programmers, mathematicians and scientists, the more likely we are to find solutions that further our society and grow the economy.

If you think we live in a post-gender world when it comes to STEM education, think again. If you watched closely, you might have noticed just one person of color was represented.

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Not one! This social narrative, unfortunately, is all too common and has a powerful effect not only on girls but also on their parents, teachers and mentors. But the fact that these shirts even made it past the concept stage speaks volumes about the gross disparity that still exists between how we speak with boys and girls about their abilities and career opportunities in the STEM disciplines.

Fortunately, there are many silver linings, including another ad shown during the Super Bowl. This one was for GoldieBloxa toy company whose mission is to inspire young girls to become future engineers. This ad was selected from thousands of entries in a contest held by Intuit to feature a small business. These issues garner quite a bit of discussion in my household where my 7-year-old daughter has recently announced her intention to become an engineer when she grows up.

We can and should earn our wings, too. While that demand is good news for engineering and science students, a new national report forecasts a troubling future.

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Interest in these careers will not keep pace with demand. Compounding this issue, the gender gap in these fields is widening. The Jan. It also presents a challenge for all of us in education, from kindergarten through college, to increase interest levels in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — the so-called STEM fields — for all types of students.

While the majority of U. Female high school students who are interested in these fields often gravitate toward biology, chemistry, marine biology and science — areas often associated with a desire to make the world a better place.

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Women tend to be drawn to these service-oriented professions. But thanks to the rise of cloud computing, information systems and the app economy, 71 percent of the new STEM jobs in are projected to be in the computing fields. Getting girls interested in these fields at a young age will be critical if we are to meet the coming demand for talented and well-educated computer scientists, computer engineers and game deers.

We should show a young woman how a computer science degree could equip her to de a new app to diagnose illness. That may appeal more to her desire to help others than, say, showing her how to write code for yet another online game. Programs like Project Lead the Way, which introduces middle school and high school students to engineering and science, help students learn more about these fields at an early age.

But no single solution will address the broader challenges facing Missouri and our nation. Engineering and science summer camps for youngsters of all ages are critical if we are to maintain our competitive edge in an increasingly global economy. And female high school students need to know that they can succeed in fields where they have traditionally been in the minority.

They need mentors and role models who can show them that by pursuing a STEM education, they can make a difference in the world. All of these stories were big news. Henry Petroski, a civil engineer and historian at Duke University, rightly points out the difference between science and engineering. Last October, the Austrian daredevil set the record for highest skydive ever by leaping from a balloon more than 24 miles above the Earth.

In freefall, Baumgartner also became the first skydiver to break the sound barrier, hitting a top speed of Mach 1. None of that would have happened without engineering — the rearranging of stuff, as Petroski might say. Mechanical, structural and aeronautical engineers had a hand in deing the craft from which Baumgartner jumped.

The full-pressure suit that protected him from head to toe is the result of materials engineers working hand-in-gloves with the laws of physics. Even the way the world followed the event online is the result of the work of engineers and scientists who ed together half a century ago on a federal research project that give rise to the Internet. Science and engineering are partners in discovery. But too often, science has been hailed a hero, when engineering should get some, if not much, of the credit.

National Engineers Week is Feb. Office of the Chancellor. Budget Update Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader was interviewed by The Missouri Times about the university's recognized efforts in diversity and inclusion.

The story published on Feb. Schrader was interviewed by the Deseret News about a new study on gender stereotypes found in the sciences.

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The story published on June 5, An emerging theory on STEM. STEM education: Where the girls are not. Follow Office of the Chancellor. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Flickr.

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Ladies seeking hot sex Chancellor