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While nothing's percent guaranteed — since every couple is so different — there are several things that are likely to ruin your long-term relationship. If you don't know what to watch out for, or how to prevent a problem, some problems can bring even the strongest couple down. So, the more you know about these fight-inducing, LTR-ruining problems, the better. Luckily, there's all sorts of research going on regarding what's most likely to do a couple in. And, plenty of experts who see the same problems play out time and time again, with grave. But, before we get to those, let's talk about what can keep a long-term relationship healthy.

They are separate, but together. When a relationship is healthy and dynamic, there is room for each person to grow and for the relationship to accommodate these changes. The moment there's an inflexibility, especially if it's not discussed, issues can arise. And, sadly, a long-term relationship can end. Here are some issues and habits that experts believe are most likely to end your long-term relationship.

While you two don't have to share the same goalsit is important to be heading in the same basic direction. Because, if you aren't, problems will arise and fights will ensue. And unless you're both percent willing to reach a compromise, it's often a recipe for disaster.

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It's possible to overcome a cheating incident, if you're both willing to put in the work. But, more often than not, it will send a long-term relationship up in flames. Your sex life can be worked on and improved, and you can both put in effort to keep that spark alive.

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But sometimes, there's just a lack of sexual compatibility — usually due to differing sex drives — and there's nothin' you can do about it. While your relationship is between you and your partner, outside forces can make things more difficult. Like family issues.

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Low self-esteem itself won't ruin your relationship. But its side effects might.

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If you two aren't being intimate — in every sense of the word — it can truly take a toll over time. It's impossible to be perfect, but neither of you should get in the habit of ignoring each other — even over the little things. Arguments are going to happen during your relationship. And that's OK. It's only the couples that don't know how to deal with them properly that go their separate ways. Do you shut each other out? Or throw around awful names during a fight?

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These habits have been shown to make things so much worse. Cheating is one of the biggest ways to break the trust in your relationship. But it's not the only way. Yes, you're part of a couple. But that doesn't mean you can or should do everything together. If you don't set up healthy boundariesfor example, or spend time on your own, then things are more likely fall apart. Establishing these early on will prevent resentment, and keep you both on the same. But this can all be dealt with, if you're both willing to balance out the good and the bad. So make a point to reconnect. Have sex, go on a date, or talk about anything else.

Keeping an eye out for issues like these can keep you and your SO together, and make for a way healthier relationship. Images: Unsplash, Ugur Akdemir ; Pexels By Carolyn Steber. Goals That Don't Match Up.

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These Are The Things Most Likely To End Your Long-Term Relationship