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Have you ever wondered what your girl does when she's alone and turned on? Of course, you have. You'd be lying through your teeth if you say you haven't. What if your imagination was fuelled right now? And you get to picture exactly what it is that a woman does when she's all by herself and stricken with want so great, I doubt you could really help if you were even around. I'll start with the most decent and go to the dirtiest.

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You might want to lock yourself someplace private. We may like to cringe at your own personal collection when you bring up the subject ever so mildly you should learn to man up about your hobbies, by the way. But, we have a stash of our own. Don't look so shocked. We fantasize a lot and porn gives wings to our fantasies—nice, luscious wings spread wide! We love how liberating it feels to be absolutely naked and feel the air move around and about our bare skin. We also admire our bare bodies in a life-sized mirror—every curve, every edge and every perfect imperfection.

Yeah, John Legend damn well knew what he was talking about. It's like we're the only supermodel in the whole world and we could rock our own world, let alone yours! We feel so free, empowered and sexy that right then, Victoria's got no secrets on us. It's so much better than sexy lingerie! You know how you've been asking us to strip with you while doing that ultra sexy lap dance?

We're doing it all when we're alone. Call it practice, or whatever you want. We're uninhibited and free and no one's watching us, or judging the way we move.

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It makes it one of the best acts you will never see in your life. We may re-enact it for you when we're feeling generous and mushy for you. But, it still won't be the same as when we're doing it for no one but us, all alone. Pity, you don't even know what you're missing, Hon! And it has nothing to do with sharing it with you, or for a sexting marathon later, or for anything that would fulfill your purpose at all. In fact, you may not even know that our sex quotient could soar any higher. You may not even get to see how incredibly sexy we are in that moment because it's something we really only want to share with our souls.

We just love to capture our sexiness in that very moment to admire on a later day, or night, when we're alone again, in need for some physical reassurance from ourselves. It's the best kind of ego boost we give ourselves. Something even you can't do. There is some very sexy touching involved before we get down under. We like to know how smooth our skin really feels when touched. Not just on our legs. And just in case you didn't know, it's a huge turn on. I believe the right word is finger, yes. There is something so arousing in that moment to know that what we have can drive you insane that it drives us insane, too.

And we love it. We start slow, with gentle brushing against the skin; caressing and stroking before increasing our pace, girth, rhythm and style. It's the stuff you didn't know could be done. And we're not always necessarily imagining you or any other man for that matter, doing that to us. It could just be how we absolutely can't keep our hands to ourselves.

Also, we could be imagining a woman… I'll just leave this here for you to ponder over. It's not limited to lubricants, oils, and creams. There's a reason why women are so equipped and good at online shopping. It's because we know how to find what and where.

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In fact, I bet that Mr. Grey would need a crash course on how to use it like that. Not like when we're with you. That's different. When we're alone, pleasuring ourselves, it's a different kind of moaning. It's long, endless, comes in intervals of long-drawn sessions, consistent, and in this husky voice that takes over us entirely in that moment when we're reaching climax, attaining nirvana and hitting that G-Spot. How we know this? Why don't you guess that one? We like to know how we taste and because we're alone and you're not there to oblige us, we do the tasting sessions by ourselves.

It's nice to know that how we taste, changes, just like our moods sometimes. We also like to know that you were right when you said we taste a certain way. Call it trusting issues, if you want. We won't even refute because we're too busy in us, loving us, enjoying us. So, the next time you call us when we're home alone, never believe when we tell you we're up to no good. Chances are, we're up to a lot and you're really no good right then. Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features!

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