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Achieving optimal health and the ideal physique boils down to the habits that you stick to for the long haul.

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Habits are a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up or create. The habits that you perform on a daily basis will inevitably determine your success, not only with your body but also in life. You can go on any 6-week get shredded diet or 4-weeks to huge arms program and it will only be as good as the solid habits that you perform on a daily basis. This is what separates the successful from the people who continually look to find that one magic bullet. They make health a lifestyle and not a short-term goal. They are not perfect with their habits and slip from time to time but by developing string daily habits, they increase their chances for success dramatically.

I like to think of habits in a compound effect manner: First you must find your why, then build strong habits, stay consistent, and then watch success happen. If your goal is to be fit and have a Spartan-like physique, start with these 7 habits that fit guys do every day. The typical American breakfast can consist of doughnuts orange juice, cereal and other processed foods low in nutrients. It is no surprise that people who eat these types of foods first thing in the morning struggle to get their workouts in and have a productive day. It also causes a spike in insulin leading to less energy and potentially more body fat accumulation.

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Fit guys know that protein builds muscle, reduces cravings for sugar and should be consumed first thing in the morning to start the day off right. Supplements are just that, supplements. They are there to fill in nutritional gas that you may not otherwise get from your daily intake of food. If you are a fit guy with a full-time job, family and want to train hard, supplements will be essential to your success at developing a well-rounded physique. Supplements are not magic and should not be treated as a short-term fix.

Instead, supplements such as amino acids, multi-vitamins, creatine, proteins powders and the like need to be taken on a consistent basis for the long-term. Those who do these will ultimate see great from taking quality supplements on a consistent basis. If you want to get in better shape and stay in shape, you have to wake up with a plan.

You need to know what foods you are going to consume for that day. Fit guys will wake up with most of their food prepared for the day or at least have a plan as to what they will be cooking, buying or consuming. This is where a lot of people fail with this habit. They shrug of the planning and preparation aspect of eating and settle for fast food or skip eating since they have not developed the habit of planning their meals ahead of time. This is another staple that cannot be replaced. Water is involved in all of the functions in the body.

Water is needed for everything from digestion and detoxification to recovery and energy production. Guys who are fit will strive for about 1-gallon of water a day and will make water their main beverage of choice. Fit guys make it a priority to do something each day.

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It can be a long walk with your dog in the morning, some stitching or yoga and maybe even 50 push-ups before you jump in the shower. Movement is not just a bodybuilding split or powerlifting routine. It is a daily habit that should be done regardless of your training schedule. Guys who are fit know that in order to have a low percentage of body fat and to build muscle, you need enough sleep to recover.

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Getting the proper amount of sleep will also optimize your hormones such as insulin, testosterone and growth hormone, which are critical for repair and energy production. This is the 1 habit for a reason due to its trickle down effect.

This may sounds silly but it works. Having the discipline to make your bed has been a staple in the daily programs of our amazing service men and women.

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From the Army to the Navy, these highly-disciplined people know that starting their day off with good habits will lead to long-term success. Top Navy Seal, Adm. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.

This bodyweight classic still remains one of the most effective moves in your routine. Andy McDermott explains why your body will break down without proper prep work. They Eat Lots of Protein for Breakfast The typical American breakfast can consist of doughnuts orange juice, cereal and other processed foods low in nutrients.

They Plan and Prepare Their Meals If you want to get in better shape and stay in shape, you have to wake up with a plan. They Drink Lots of Water This is another staple that cannot be replaced. They Make Their Bed This may sounds silly but it works. Written by Justin Grinnell. Also by Justin Grinnell. Thank you for ing up.

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Looking for a nice fit guy

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