Married guy looking for friends

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In today's fast paced life and instant access to new friends through internet, many people are moving toward dating for married people. Married men and women are looking for dating site for married people to find a sense of satisfaction and get up from the downsides of relationship problems.

Relationships perpetrates the affairs due to a of reasons such as those devoid of trust, communication, respect, love, care, shared interests and values and thus the boundaries starts to flounder. The reasons can be outlined as. Do you like whiskey?

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Do you like talking shit? Do you like live music? If the answer is yes to any of these, we will get along wonderfully! Yes I am another married man looking for a discreet friendship and maybe more. I miss the passion and intimacy formerly found in marriage but now only reserved for those lucky few that were able to find their 'soul' mate. Make me laugh and smile and I will do the same. Communicate with me and I promise to try to do the same as it doesn't come easily for we Martians. I do admit to missing the touch, the scent, the kiss and feel of a woman.

I love creativity so you won't shock me. All I can do is say no but then maybe If it is something you want, you have to go out and get it. But make it exactly what you want. I'm someone looking for someone to get to know better and better! No Drama, no stress. Life is to short for that. Life can be strange and complicated and there is never enough time! Looking to steal you for some passion when ever time allow and provide a partner to communicate with when we cannot. Looking forward to getting to know you! Longing for something real, something with a solid and emotional connection.

Being the only one who puts effort in trying make something work, makes for a lonely day. I am a romantic at heart. What I'm looking for is probably a fairytale, but I looking for that someone that makes my heart skip a beat when I think of them. Tired of feeling alone, unappreciated, and taken for granted. Have you ever had that moment when you just raise your arms, shake your head, and say I give up!

Not looking for anyone to change my status, just keep me company and make me smile! Your life is routine and you are looking for more excitement. I always dreamed about a romantic and discreet relationship with a beautiful and intelligent woman and looking forward to our time together! If there is one thing the pandemic has taught me it is that tomorrow is not guaranteed so make the most of every day.

We all need contact, affection, touching, and love. It is called being human. We also need good conversation, fun times and laughter. Throw in some steamy, sensual kissing, and lots of it leading to more and we will both be happy. Looking for one guy to flirt with. Someone to make my pulse quicken, make me laugh, my eyes sparkle, my toes curl. If you can do all that online, maybe you can do that in person somehow, someday when the world returns to normal.

I don't want to leave but the fire is gone. I need an escape from often tepid or even cold reality. Some fire, some new pleasure. Your age and race aren't really important to me. Attraction and desire are not contingent on such things. I just want us to enjoy each other, escape to each other. Make each other feel delight and fire. Is that too much to want? Well about me: Obviously married 1 son Grown up job No parole officer Not afraid of midgets Not a heavy drinker at all but Jameson is delicious.

It's a cliche but they say you only get one chance at this life so we should try to make the most of it. When we were young we were painted a picture of marriage and then you live happily ever after to. We get to an age when we know that's not really true is it? We all wear different faces in all walks of our lives, from work to being with friends.

Perhaps we can create a space and special moments for ourselves.

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I'm here to find that passion that's been missing for far too long. I'm real and ready. I enjoy a fine bottle of wine by the fire place and enjoy a cold bottle of beer on the back deck. I love a great sense of humor and a guy who knows what he wants. We spend our lives eagerly waiting for the bigger moments when it is really the little moments that give us the greatest opportunities to fall in love with LIFE. The sound of laughter from someone you love. That feeling of snuggling under your covers after a long day. Do you miss the excitement, fire, passion and romance?

Need something more? Me too! Let's talk and see about the chemistry. Let's ignite that fire again where you cant wait to hear from your partner. I am missing out on the passion in my life. It has been quite awhile since I have felt like myself. Nowadays, its just mom and wife and nothing for myself. At some point you have to ask yourself are you happy or are you going to do something to change it? I need any kind of joy. I need a person. Looking for a little spice, to an otherwise happy life.

How that works in this time of covid, we will figure out. In need of a little intrigue and passion again. But Looking for a genuine connection. The trifecta of sexy in my book - smart, funny, and confident. And, talk, dark, and handsome, obvi.

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Make me laugh using trifecta in a sentence and we can go from there. I am me simply put, for some it wasn't enough, yet others it was too much for me? It is as it is, for you? I am perfect for you, you are perfect for me, together we become one in reality! We both need love and have lots of love to give. We want to be happy. Simply and honestly: I am married yet, quite unfulfilled. I guess it's the same story since the beginning of time!

This morning I decided I want more than this - waking up every morning with a man who does not look at me with desire in his eyes, who does not want to consume my body with his - he is indifferent to me - and it just breaks me. I want to be desired, to be pursued and caught, and taken with passion and not left on the shelf waiting for him.

I want a real man. One who sees me and lusts for me. The lights of suburbia form lines of brightness through the dark, open landscape. I think love and passion are behind me. There's a hope that I'm wrong I have an empty spot in my heart, and am seeking just one perfect lady to fill it. It isn't exactly like trying on shoes, but if the "fit" is right we will both know it! Do you have an empty spot too? I am really looking for happiness and the feeling of affection. I am an old romantic.

Miss the togetherness. Friends first with no expectations and see what happens. Worst that will happen is we both will have a new friend to talk to I am a retired cop who has survived bullets, knives, crashes, cancer, and multiple surgeries.

I have a lot of scars and a decent physique. I seek beauty, enchantment, seductiveness, passion, and enjoyment.

Married guy looking for friends

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