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There are over historic buildings scattered throughout the alluring historic center. Morelia is the capital of Michoacan and the largest city within the state, with a population of overpeople in the city proper. So although Morelia proudly boasts its historic charms, it also has all the modern amenities of any sizable city in Mexico. Nice hotels, great restaurants, and interesting tours all abound.

The city is well set-up for tourism and there are plenty of things to do in Morelia. Yet it appears that most people who are visiting this special place travel here from within Mexico, rather than from abroad. We found there to be very few foreigners visiting Morelia. Despite a fairly central location in Mexico, a Unesco deation, and being a stunning city with so much to offer, the city has somehow eluded many international travelers from enjoying all the great things to do in Morelia.

Despite this lack of outside visitors, we found Morelia to be particularly welcoming. Morelians are well-known for their friendliness. As we explored this enchanting city, we found that certainly holds true. We now want to help spread the good word about this striking Mexican city that tends to go underappreciated.

So we want to show off what we found to be the most interesting, fun, and unique things to do in Morelia! This picturesque place is very worth traveling to and spending at least a few days to soak in all its charms. So here is what we can suggest as some of the best things to do in Morelia. The Morelia Cathedral stands out. We may even dare say that this Baroque-style cathedral is the most beautiful in all of Mexico. The Morelia Cathedral took 84 years to build until completion in You can venture inside the Morelia Cathedral to see notable paintings, sculptures, and a massive German-made organ.

Linger here long enough and you may even hear the organ in action! If you do take a look, be sure that your dressed modestly and remember to be silent in this place of worship. Literally, at night the cathedral is beautifully floodlit and illuminated. So be sure to take a stroll by the cathedral after the sun goes down to see this grand cathedral in a completely different light.

Venture over to the Cathedral on a Saturday night for a particularly interesting display! Morelia is well known throughout Mexico for its local sweets. They may not be produced there anymore, but thankfully the candy-making in Morelia continues today! So trying these unique regional candies is certainly an advisable thing to do in Morelia! You can find all the Morelian candies being offered from the many stalls inside Mercado de Dulcesor Candy Market.

From fruit-based candies to chewy caramels or nutty indulgences, you can pick up a wide assortment of local candies, many of which are unique exclusively to Morelia. While the market is known for its candies, there are also crafts and sweet liquors on offer too. There is somewhat of a museum in the back, but most people just come here to shop for candy from the store clerks who are dressed in period clothing.

Yet we prefer and recommend the local vendors at the mercado. We found that the Candy Market tends to have better prices and homemade specialties abound. Every Sunday, starting at eight in the morning, Morelia shuts down a scenic two-kilometer stretch of roadway that slices right through the historic center of the city. This segment of streets becomes off-limits to vehicular traffic.

Instead, bicycles are able to fill the picturesque streets. Rollerbladers, skateboarders, joggers, and dog walkers all in the fun. The Morelia Coclovia is such a great concept that fosters community, friendship, and fitness! There is a bike rental station located adjacent to the glorieta roundabout at the location of the famous Fuente de Tarascas Tarascan Fountain.

A nearly 2-kilometer aqueduct with over arches stretches outward from the center of Morelia. The Morelia aqueduct has become nearly as iconic to the city as the Cathedral and the city founder. In fact, the Morelia aqueduct can even be found depicted on the back of a peso note. It makes a pleasant stroll to walk alongside this the year old aqueduct to admire it. We suggest starting at the Tarascan Fountain and taking a stroll that follows the aqueduct for roughly a half-kilometer to Plaza Morelos.

There are some great photo ops along the way. The aqueduct runs between some notable monuments and is also the location of the Morelia. We suggest going during daylight hours, although portions are lit up at night. There are many museums to visit throughout Morelia. The city holds lots of history yet Morelia has also become an artsy place too. We visited all of the most popular museums throughout Morelia and landed on these five as our favorites:.

This free museum in Morelia has interesting contemporary art pieces. Yet we found that the column-filled year-old building is an attraction unto itself. The Museum of Morelos Birthplace allows visitors a glimpse into the home where he was born. The centuries-old mansion is full of information in English too and exhibits to provide a nice background of the man himself while touring the period furnishings of his former home.

Closed Mondays. Daily, although closes early at pm during weekends. Morelia has many interesting historic structures to discover while exploring the city. These spectacular colonial buildings are now public spaces, most of which are free to wander into. Yet there are a handful of public buildings that are worth seeking out specifically. Be sure to take a wander into these structures in Morelia. The Palacio de Gobierno is a stunning palace with some detailed murals depicting Mexican independence.

Yet the Government Palace further holds historical ificance as the place where Morelos was ordained as a priest. There is also a tourism office and public bathrooms too. Yet the treasure here is the volumes of ancient books that date back to the 15 th century. The Conservatorio de las Rosas name may be misleading.

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This former convent is much more about music than it is flowers. While wandering through the airy halls, you may hear tunes blaring from the interior rooms as musicians practice. The Rose Conservatory is a music education institute.

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This former convent is actually touted as the first music conservatory in the Americas. While a visit to the Cathedral takes a top position of things to do in Morelia, there are many other historic churches throughout the city that are likewise worth seeing from the inside and out. The following are some of the must-see churches to check out while ambling around town:.

If you only visit one other church in Morelia after the Cathedral, make it the Santuario de Guadalupe. What looks like just another regular Mexican church from the outside, dazzles on the inside. Lavish displays of color and gold line the ornate interior. This pretty church lining the garden of the roses is worth popping into to see the elaborate interior and the baroque wooden altar. Local tour operators within Morelia each offer day trips to the following fascinating locations! For anyone who happens to be roaming around Morelia between October-Marchyou must take a day trip out to the Reserva Mariposa Monarcathe Monarch Butterfly Reserve.

Several tours from Morelia are on offer to witness this specular natural event.

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The pueblo magicomagic town, of Patzcuaro is only about an hour away from Morelia, which likewise makes for a great day of exploring. This town is renown in Mexico for its Day of the Dead celebrations, yet is a charming setting year round.

In addition to discovering the town itself, the most popular activity here is taking a boat trip out to the mystical island of Janitzo. The trip takes about an hour each way. But day tours can provide a more convenient way to go, with a set itinerary that easily hits all the main sights once in the Lake Patzcuaro area. Seeing this natural wonder and the lava-covered church that laid in its path, is an awesome journey to embark on from Morelia. Simply wandering around the picturesque city itself is a great thing to do in Morelia.

Morelia mexico bars sexy woman

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