Not looking forward to the snow

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To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. I feel like I'm the only one in my circle of RL friends who doesn't look forward to snow at all. My friends all get excited about the prospect of snow, and get particularly excited if snow is forecast in our region. When I think of snow, I think of how it looks lovely until it's been tramped all over so not very long and the inevitable cold.

I have noticed that the friends who get most excited by the prospect of snow don't drive and don't work.

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I wonder if there's a connection there. I am dreading the icy slippery weather. I live in the arse end of nowhere and have to drive to get anywhere.

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Bahhhh Humbug!!!! I hate it. It gets really bad where I live as they only grit main ro if we are lucky. Last year our estate was cordened off by the police as the road was so dangerous - 3 accidents in one morning. I hate snow. It's horrible stuff that causes chaos. Add to the the fact Ds has asthma which means he ends hospital when it snows I really dread it arriving. I have ish love of snow and am straight out there! I do however, hate the disruption and the worry that travel comes to a halt. I love snow. I don't mind driving in snow at all, it's fine as long as you are a sensible, and b know your limitations.

Snow is lovely, fun stuff. You all need Yaktrax. I agree. I'm dreading the snow. My mum isn't that well and relies on me to be able to get to her house 15 miles away. The buses will stop so I can't get there that way and all the streets all hills near me don't see the gritters.

I've already planned a route on the 'not so bad' ro and may leave my car on the nearest main road so I can use it. Makes my blood boil when I hear people say they are soooooooooo excited for the snow.

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I only like it if I have nowhere to go. We're heading home down south for christmas from the north west and I am praying there is no snow between now and then! I have bought yaktraks for my boots this year so I don't feel so worried walking about in it. I don't see it like that. I see it as a part of nature, and what's more a regular part of nature which we should adapt for and not resent as though that will make it stop happening.

It's inevitable if you live in this part of the world, and many others. The thing to hate is that our systems don't cater very well for it. I think it's something we need to embrace and accept and deal with as best we can. It's like saying you hate the rain or the sun, that doesn't get you anywhere, does it. I know it causes chaos, and makes people's lives a misery, and I do feel for older people and the disabled and those who have to go out in it for work reasons, like eg.

And I hate the way it turns into foul slippery browny grey slush. But when I see it sparkling on the tops of the downs, I think how beautiful it is. And I do like to go with the DDs and the sledges if school closes. And build a snow dalek, and hurl snowballs. I can deal with any other weather, but snow and ice renders me a gibbering wreck little nervous about venturing out. Santa Snow is forecast in the SE on Sunday. When it snows it always takes me much longer to get to work.

Our antiquated heating service at work is liable to break down. I have to spend extra time getting shopping for an old lady I look out for, as she can't get out. And I feel sorry for the elderly and disabled people I know who are effectively housebound when it snows. And yet I still love it! What I'm trying to say is there is no point hating it. But that I understand how hard it makes life for a lot of people. And that's not something within their control. If we all anticipate it, work around it and towards it then perhaps it will be easier to manage than if most of us stay in denial till it happens, and then panic.

They manage in Canada, in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland. They manage because they are prepared and have adapted. Jane We, as a nation, are not very good at coping with ice and snow, I agree. Mind you, I have never had a problem with sunshine or rain. Already have a Mumsnet ?

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Not looking forward to the snow

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