Plus size married women for sex

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I am just curious as I read thru some of these stories if any of you gals are plus size. Click on a heart to thank the author of this story! Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. We are sorry that this post was not one of your favorites! My wife would be considered "plus size". In my eyes though nothing but beauty. I love the story her body tells.

The scars. The stretch marks. Her boobs which were much smaller when we met. All of it tells a story. The story of everything we've been through together. I can't help but look at her and feel love. I wake up every morning in anticipation; I get to see her naked!

I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Speaking as one of the singles on this site, hopeful for a wonderful wife, I happen to find "plus size" women very attractive and sexy. I wouldn't at all mind having a wife that fit this description and enjoying and celebrating her beauty and body! Your husband is a lucky man. I am also single an "plus size" i am working to loose some weight but i know i cant change my DDD cup. Beloved is plus size. And no, it has not affected my "heat" for her one bit.

We've both been through plenty of ups and downs in size and health. As I tell her, somehow my brain flips a switch and fetishizes whatever change has occurred. I have wondered the same thing on this site though. Many story descriptions come off as sounding like the men are well chiseled and the women big busted and flawless. Which is odd given the submission guidelines… I have been tossing over in my mind of how to write a story that points out the flaws I adore…how we are less than the perfect "ideal" but there is passion, and such HEAT because of…not in spite of….

We welcome such a submission, Rab Keth! We recognize that God made people of all descriptions and people who appreciate the beauty of different builds. Since many people write their stories as much for their spouses as for the MH family, it is expected that they compliment the features that most attract them. These descriptions shouldn't be read as claims of perfection or bragging. We do ask that writers avoid bragging on themselves and the use of exact measurements rather than general terms.

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But we recognize that, as in this post, measurements are sometimes pertinent facts. To me, who she is and how she feels is much more of a turn-on than what she looks like. And ya she's "plus size". Thank you for asking this question! I'm single myself and right over the plus sized range 18 and a DD and I'm super self conscious of my body. I wonder if I don't have a boyfriend because my size keeps guys from approaching me.

Even though I am trying to get in better shape for health reasons and my own happiness, I don't want someone to see my size as the deal breaker for a relationship.

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Some men have a very narrow range of what they consider "sexy" but some of us really like curvier women, and while we would always support our partner's health, we don't all view it as a dealbreaker or a problem. Do what's best for you! A true gentleman will respect that and want to get to know you not only for your looks, but also what's inside — however, to some of us your looks aren't a liability, they're an asset! I am plus size sz20…trying to lose weight though. I feel like it has effected our sex life, although our sex life has never been one to write home about, or on here about!

My man struggles with not being horny often, and not being able to hold out long. He has seen a Dr. I'm just thankful I finally felt free to masturbate and enjoy him in my thoughts and fantasies. I have often wondered the same thing.

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When you are classified as "plus size" is isn't always as a compliment and usually means something negative — like you are supposed to be beautiful or sexy. Why do we even need that label? Over the years I have been all over the scale. My husband has always said that he finds me beautiful no matter what but I find myself always questioning his sincerity.

I don't know why I do that, I just do and it isn't fair to him. But I feel with media, we are told what we should think is beautiful — who's best dressed, who makes the top of the hot list, who's the most beautiful, who's the sexiest — and what does it prove? As women, we are set up to meet a certain standard which is unattainable and ludicrous, and men are told what they should think is attractive.

But the truth is that we are all made in an image of a Great Creator and if we are made in His image and we think that someone is unattractive, then what is it we are saying about Him and who He is? He deemed His own creation to be good and we are all a part of that creation. While I know all of this in my own head, it is hard to think of myself of attractive and sexy to my husband, or to any other man for that matter.

But I am much more confident in my sexuality in the past couple of years than I ever have been before and this site has certainly helped me in that journey! My husband loves my body and enjoys it to its fullest, no matter what the size has been, and we have really grown in our intimacy and it has been so amazing for our relationship and for ourselves as individuals. I am very grateful that I have a husband who has loved me and my body through every size. Plus size is a plus. My wife of 38 yrs is a plus size sz 18, 42 DD. I would not trade her for anything in the world.

She is always worried about her weight. I keep telling her the she is still the same women that I fell in love with. And I feel that her plus size. Makes her more of a women. My wife is plus sized and not the athletic teenager she was 25 years ago when we met.

I held on to my thinner self until just a couple of years ago, but have also since lost the battle to stress and work and kids and quick meals as we run to activity after activity. Despite how unattractive I feel I am, my wife stills compliments me.

I know many attractive plus size women and many men that are attracted to them as well. You must be logged in to post a comment. Jump to your favorite category. Help us understand why. Submit Feedback.

Log in to Reply. I am also single an "plus size" i am working to loose some weight but i know i cant change my DDD cup your comment gives me hope of finding husband who likes it. Which is odd given the submission guidelines… I have been tossing over in my mind of how to write a story that points out the flaws I adore…how we are less than the perfect "ideal" but there is passion, and such HEAT because of…not in spite of… Log in to Reply.

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I'd rather have a content virtuous plus size Woman, than a neurotic baby-doll any time. Leave a Reply Want to the discussion? Feel free to contribute! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Plus size married women for sex

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