Seeking a mistres

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These days, I can tell when guys are looking for a side girl and when they are legitimately out to look for a wife. Wondering about the s he's looking for a mistress? Here are the biggest red flags to watch out for. Men looking for a mistress tend to be a lot thirstier than the guys who are looking for a wife.

Loose lips sink ships, and most married men know that. As a result, many will tiptoe around identifying information or scuttle conversation about their single status. As a result, they tend to be clunky and klutzy when trying to flirt it up with girls and end up coming off as creepy. For guys who were always smooth operators, being married often adds nitro to the cocktail by giving them confidence.

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Yes, they can chat you up and you can reject them, but who cares? They got another girl at home waiting for them, and they know it. I get this one a lot when married men hit on me. Most of the time, the married men who hit on me are extremely conservative and it makes total sense to me since I have bright pink hair.

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This is never, ever a good. You would be surprised at how many men are terrified to show their kinky side to their wives. This is often due to a Madonna-Whore Complex they have. Yes, a lot of guys looking for a side piece are looking for validation.

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The guy in question regularly complains about what an unhappy marriage he has to you. A lot of men who are looking for mistresses or sex on the side will fish for willing girls by decrying the state of their marriage to others. Think a man will leave his wife and family for you? Think again. Watch the video below to find out why:.

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Seeking a mistres

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A beginner’s guide to finding a mistress: my joy comes from being in control