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What can you do about unwanted text messages? Just got this one from See who! I got, "You were just added to the U-Chat by someone from your school! See who it was! I didn't click on it, because it was odd. I'm glad I looked it up. Got a message saying someone mentioned me on UChat, Funny how all these different s are really close together. Best advice? Never respond to any text, or open any link from anyone you don't know. It's that easy. Just don't. If it was legit from a friend, they will ask you about it some time.

I just got one that has a bit. I tried googling the text of the message to see if its a known scam, and didn't know that google would automatically load the website included in the it, and all that loaded was the bit. Same EAC I woke up this morning to find that same text and I'm looking for it online but there's nothing about it your the only one that I've seen with the same one as me. It would be best not to reply unless you know you are supposed to be gegtting a text if not don't reply to any.

Had a 4 digit do the same thing they said "I have my cam on lol" very strange at 3 am. Woke me up going off had to search it. After updating my phone to the newest version I got a text from bit. I'm very freaked out. I did too, but was that they could see me.

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I shut off all access to camera on my apps. I've gotten a few, starting at like 3am- "can u hop on here real quick 2 chat" "can we chat for a few pls. Really irritating and would like to make sure this is able to be blocked. I've gotten the same thing! But it's not from a it's from letters.

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I would like to know how to stop this. Also just received one front an sms sender Bit. Just received a text from bit. I just received a text from bit. I just received s new phone. I just shut off my Read messages so they probably know I read it. Same sort of message "can you hop on here real quick to talk pls" weird because bit. Even went to their "i" contact info and there is a phone icon.

Won't click on it so I can't tell you the phone listed under that contact. Will it do me harm if I keep this message on my phone til I go to the Verizon store tomorrow to report this? I've shut off me READ messages now. Don't like this. Help please. Very weird. Wish the was a way to track. Just got the same message as Matt, from "bit. I just deleted it. It's like all of those robo-calls on my landline. Missed calls but no messages. Well, dead air, but that's my machine.

I recieved something from sexual from bit. I just got a text from a That's Wisconsin Milwaukee area code I really don't know because I haven't really ever heard Wisconsin scam complaints before My friend contacted me to say the same thing happened to them re: tinyurl. She got a text from a TN area code that she didn't recognize I didn't k ow it either and it said that I using my full name had sent her an invitation to view a tinyurl. Clearly it wasn't from me. Unfortunately, she clicked on it and she said it was some very lewd, inappropriate material! Kinda freaked out now!

I just received a text message from stating I was selected as a lump sum winner of one million dollars. Ok ummmm no thanks!!! I sent the text message to and they responded back with a message stating: "Thank you for reporting spam. Please reply with the sender's. Messages sent to are shared with security providers to help prevent spam". I sent back the and got another message "Thank you, we appreciate your assistance. To immediately block messages from this sender please visit VZW. I keep getting text messages saying to "reply to this to receive I haven't done it but curious what this is. Im sure that's the basis if the business ti peak people's curious side.

Any clue ehat this is? Now I'm worried. I just got one that says the same thing but from a random facebook friend that doesn't have my. Very similar experience to that of Inspctrgrl I got a text message on my cell supposedly from an old friend LK who lives in WV. My friend LK doesn't know anything about this.

When I pasted the web address into a search engine it did not come up with any matches. Very odd. Very similar to Inspctrgrl34, also from my ificant other. TXT said, "Hi my name you have an invitation from SO name 6 minutes ago to connect now" then it had a link to securchately. My whole family received a strange message to get something from an "appstore.

Wasn't Obama supposed to fix this and the "do not call list" -- neither of which works.

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Oh but all the homeless people now have free healthcare, while working people's premiums go thru roof. We're still in Guantanemo, Afghanistan, Iraq, wasting billions rebuilding countries that hate USA while our country crumbles. What a legacy. Did anyone ever figure out what the source is and how to stop the messages? Specifically for the "x mins ago to connect" one that specifically says their name and your full name?

A random one was just sent to my coworker. I don't understand.

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I got a text message some time ago and then another one this morning which gives my gf's alias and my physical address in the message, then a hyperlink to follow which I did not do. The site purports it to a tax debt relief service. I showed it to my gf and now we are both creeper out.

I keep getting texts just saying my first and last name with my address. I have not clicked on it. But it's very scarey. I received a text that said Hi, I'm Ann Mcdermott. I want to donate to you. On a different device I ed asking what that was about, which was probably unwise of me. Instead of a from the text it was like a username from nycap. Freaked me out, anyone know what this is about? I got the same one, except mine said Toni Fish was the name used, same message and same text username.

Seeking text buddy

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