Snapchat or texting

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There are many reasons why a man may choose to only Snapchat and not send text messages; some of them are innocent, but some of them are seedy. Honestly though, to know the true intentions of his apparent obsession with Snapchat, you are probably going to have to dig deeper. Sometimes, switching from snap to text could change the vibe of the communication. Also, at the start of a relationshiptext conversations can be boring and too serious. Social media apps like Snapchat are fun to use and they have enticing features to keep the flame burning.

And he is likely one of them. There are chances that if he's that into you and he listens to your concerns, he will start texting you via alternative mediums. Snapchat can appear as a very fishy app sometimes because messages delete after every single chat.

To test if he is serious, if he messages you on Snapchat, you can reply to him via text. All kinds of men are on Snapchat. They will come to your DMs and tell you all kinds of things. Meanwhile, they're texting another woman behind the curtains. Snapchat is a millennial app, it is very trendy with over million users, so maybe that could be a reason too. I mean let's say that's this guy spends most of his time, he's definitely going to prefer chatting on Snapchat. It's difficult to convince the person to move to regular texting mediums without them losing interest in the chat.

As I said, Snapchat is a millennial app, so most of its users are twenty-five and below. If this guy is addicted to the app, he's probably a teenager or in his early twenties. Imagine chatting with someone for weeks only to later find out you're older than him by seven years.

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However, it could explain why their dating phenomenon is different from yours. Another reason could be access. For someone that has easy access to the internet, they'd prefer chatting on social media apps like Snapchat rather than sending texts. It is indeed faster to chat on Snapchat than text. Sometimes, you can even see that the person is online in real-time chatting with you. I mean, if you send a text to someone it takes what? Five to ten seconds before it deliver—sometimes even later, depending on how good the network is that day. But on Snapchat, the back and forth make the chat easier and more interesting.

There's a way you can peep through the message though without completely opening it, but that takes skill. Because of the way the app is, it's easier to sext on Snapchat. Those hot steamy texts that increase the heart-rate or the sexy pictures for your eyes only, thrive on an App like Snapchat.

So, if you're into that kind of thing, just remain where you are because he may be dropping those nudes soon. When you text someone you get a text back basically, nothing more nothing less. On Snapchat when you get a text, you can send gifs, voice notes, pictures, videos, or even memes to best describe what you're communicating. This makes the chat interesting and fun. This could be the reason he doesn't want to leave the app and move to text. If you smell a fish, there's probably a fish somewhere! Don't let yourself get swayed into thinking you've secured a man you're chatting with on Snapchat; especially when you're seeing another woman on his status.

Stay woke! In situations like this, chances are, there's another girl in the picture. After chatting with each other for some time, it might be a matter of time before you find out that this guy has another girl. No surprise there. Guys often chat with many different girls. Tell him the truth. Anonymous persons could just add you on Snapchat and start sending messages and snaps, only for you to find out it's a catfish.

Don't be fooled, ask for pictures, videos, even voice notes. You don't want to start falling for someone only to figure out he is not who he says he is. Sometimes, these guys would rather give their snap ID out than a because they're not that into you. They probably just want some free nudes. Personal phone s are really delicate to some people and they believe only close friends, family, or maybe business associates should have access to them. Sometimes, people switch communication modes because they are not serious about you.

If you ignore him on Snapchat, chances are that he will call you, or text you to find out if you are okay. And then there you have it, problem solved! He's probably either trying to cheatbe sneaky or he just doesn't want you to have his .

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Either way, just try and enjoy the conversation because it could turn out to be a very interesting and adventurous one. Don't judge a texter by the medium or app he chooses to text you with. There are a lot of reasons. Snapchat is fun no doubt, a lot of people like its sneakiness. And the fact that you can do many things from texting to video calling, sending pictures and voice notes just makes it an exciting medium of communication. Other reasons could be to cheat or sext as the case may be.

Maybe he's a shy type. Guys sometimes might not be bold enough to text, they'd rather look from afar and admire.

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In cases like these, you can text first that's if you're interested or better still just let it be. Also, you could be looking at a case of a stalker. If you're talking about texts ; the message pops up in your DMs, but when it comes to pictures and videos you can't really tell because even if he sends it to different handles it delivers individually.

The consistency in his messages tells it all. The morning messagesvideos, and the kind of voice notes he sends you should help you tell. Also, the content of his text too can let you know if he's into you. If you are someone that can read between the lines it won't be difficult. I hope you enjoyed reading this list on why he Snapchats rather than texts. Remember, to enjoy healthy and good conversationsthe fact that he is using Snapchat to communicate doesn't mean the communication is bad.

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Snapchat or texting

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