Wanting hot sexy guys

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in. W hat do women want? I had them write freehand responses, in as much detail as they wanted, with no word limit. Below is the result:. Here is the word frequency count list of the top most-oft cited words from the cloud above:. At least, this particular, non-representative, not-statistically-ificant sample is. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Your sexy hands are your most important physical asset. The recommendation there would probably be to drive more nails, shoot more guns, clear more brush, light more fires, and lift more weights.

You know, to build sexy masculine calluses. Do I need to explain this? Sexy men are sexy! She likes that. So whatever else you do, keep doing your thingsmy man. She loves the way you look at her.

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She loves your voice. She loves your sexy hands. She loves your things. Or hug her from behind. Or kiss the back of her neck, she mentioned she likes that, too. Such as carry heavy objects up the stairs, hang pictures, and kill large, scary bugs. Some women are attracted to competence. So, without further ado, here it is …. Ladies, what would you add to the above list? Gentlemen, what did you learn from this list?

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Wanting hot sexy guys

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