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Think of it as a great way to break up the day, reenergize and relieve some stress, or put yourself in a way better mood for the evening ahead.

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Ride the energy high quite literally Most people have more energy and a better attention span in the afternoons than they do at night. At night we may be tired from a long day, in a morning we are rushed and have to get to work or the kids off to school.

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The afternoon, though, we may be just perfectly primed for some fun. For many, an afternoon rendezvous comes with a hint of naughtiness and increased excitement; maybe you both snuck out of work during lunchtime, or stole a coveted hour alone in the house before the kids came home from school.

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While some people are big fans of starting the morning with some fun, for some, the mornings might just be too stressful of time for sex. While sex might help take the edge off, you might not be totally present. Translation: you can go longer, harder, and faster without feeling out of breath. Find your rhythm You can think of your circadian rhythm as an internal hour clock that regulates the sleep and wake cycles of your body. Skip the gym and break an afternoon sweat that will leave you both smiling.

So, what part of the afternoon is best? That really depends on your day and your own schedule, but when you find that sweet spot that feels right for you and your honey, go for it.

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